I’m Amy Jo. The owner of Lit Boudoir. My love for photography started when I was a teen. I was the girl that always had a camera in her hand capturing all the moments of friends and family. I continued my passion through High School developing film in dark rooms. What?!! You are that old? YES GIRLFRAN, your girl is that young!! ;) Nothing like processing an image in a dark room and waiting for the art that YOU captured to emerge. Side note, in the future, I’d love to have a dark room in the studio. Another dream come true! This woman self taught for years along with workshops, mentorships combined with 16 years of experience. I’ve specialized in Boudoir for 4 years and truly feel like I found my place in this industry. Boudoir is self discovering. It’s bravery. It’s healing. It’s the raw human form and finding self-love you didn’t know existed. Boudoir is more than some pictures, it’s an awakening. It reminds us that although life has happened, that you are one BAD ASS BEAUTY QUEEN and still SEXY and no one can tell you otherwise because 1….you have the pictures to prove it AND 2….now you see the beauty that I and so many others see! It’s so rewarding to be a part of these moments, encouraging and empowering women!
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